Portrait Of Robert Young

Великобритания, 1971 год. CBS ‎– 64423 (Vinyl, LP)

Сторона 1

1. Happy Heart (J. Rae / J. Last / Donna Music Ltd. / MCPS, arr. Keith Mansfield)
2. I Will Drink the Wine (Paul Ryan / Ryan Music Ltd., arr. Keith Mansfield)
3. Little Green Apples (B. Russell / Peter Maurice Music Ltd., arr. David Gold)
4. Love is All (Les Reed / Barry Mason / Donna Music Ltd., arr. by Keith Mansfield)
5. Everybody’s Talking (Fred Neil / April Musci Ltd., arr. by Keith Mansfield)
6. Rosemary Blue (Sedaka / Greenfield / ATV Kirshner Music Ltd., arr. by Keith Mansfield)

Сторона 2

1. Bridge Over Troubled Water (P. Simon / Pattern Music Ltd., arr. Peter Knight)
2. Love Story (C. Sigman / F. Lai / Famous Chappell Ltd., arr. Kenny Woodman)
3. If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot / ATV Kirshner Music Ltd., arr. Peter Knight)
4. Somewhere My Love (Maurice Jarre / Paul Francis Webster / Robbins Music Corp. Ltd., arr. Peter Knight)
5. Roses in Rome (Ernest Maxim / April Music Ltd., arr. Keith Mansfield)
6. Long and Winding Road (J. Lennon / P. McCartney / Northern Songs Ltd., arr. David Gold)

Produced by Keith Mansfield, Executive Producer Mike Smith.


The voice of Robert Young lifts him — and us — out of today’s world of shallow noise and here-today-gone-tomorrow sensations. Of course, people will make comparisons. They say he is like this famous singer or that. But whether you agree or nor, you’ll note that all the comparisons are with superstars, singers with one thing in common — quality. And that’s the truth about the voice of Robert Young. It’s a voice of lasting quality. It’s the voice for love songs. The voice of today. And the voice of tomorrow.

Above all it’s а voice that will last. So in buying this «Portrait of Robert Young» you have made an investment. This isn’t one of those discs that you’ll dig out in a year’s time and say whatever-did-I-see-in-that! That is a record with a voice that you’ll always be able to listen to. Over and over again. It’s a voice which really matters. But for you added enjoyment the looks of Robert Young are almost as good as his voice — and that makes him a natural and international star.

Robert Young is 27, (he was born in England, in Newcastle) and is as at home with opera as he is with pop. This versatility in the hall-mark of his voice. Here, inside this cover, you can discover all the strength and all the tenderness of Robert Young, the man with the voice of love.

Kendall McDonald

Альбом Portrait of Robert Young